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We are a mixed martial arts gym ran by coach Owen Roddy. Owen is a professional cage fighter and fights out of SBG Ireland with a record of 11-4 he is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and known for his Eminence stand up ability's.
Owen has much experience both in the ring and coaching.His private One on One sessions are sought-after by beginners like Mike Sheridan who went from a no martial arts background to a cage fight with just three months of training.Which you can watch here ‘Barbaric Gentlemen’. To the Pros like UFC star Conor McGregorHis kids and teens classes are an excellent way for your child to improve his/her fitness and self-confidence and discipline.

So What Exactly Is MMA Anyway?

MMA is the "melting pot" of martial arts. Its some of the best fighting styles from around the world. 

You get the grappling of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu... 

You get the striking of Thailand's Muay Thai...

 You get the throwing and submission techniques of Judo from Japan... 

And wrestling tactics from America...

It's what happens when someone seeks the perfect form of martial arts. Because whether you're on your feet, tangled up with someone else, or even on your back - you'll know exactly what to do. It's flawless defense, and vicious offense.

With that said, here's a few things MMA is not.

For one, it's not "dirty" fighting. It's clean, and it's safe.

Second, it's not showing up at the gym to get your ass kicked every day. You're going to be partnered up with people of your level, so you can learn and grow. And you can go at whatever pace is comfortable for you.

It doesn't even have to be competitive. Some guys come train because they want to fight in competitions - but you don't have to. You can just spar for a great workout. We have a good mix of both.

And it's not one of these "tough guy" competitions where everyone's trying to out-do each other - and if you can't take more pain than is humanly possible then you're a "wuss".

A mindset like that just leads to injury - and it makes training NOT fun. And we're all about fun here. That's why here the environment isn't competitive - it's supportive, encouraging.

All in all, MMA is a fun way for guys to get in great shape, learn how to defend themselves,and form a bond with his fellow man as they train hand in hand to become not just better athletes - but better people. At least that's how we feel about it. Not every gym would agree, but that's what makes us different.

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